Instrument Rental

Obtaining an instrument can seem like a daunting task for someone who is new to the string world.  Parents often see “deals” on the internet for low cost instruments and do not realize these instruments are un-usable and challenging to play.  Instruments found on the internet often need many repairs costing up to three times the original purchase price. Settling on the right instrument is a big decision and whom you rent or purchase from is also important.  Below is a list of suggested music stores that will help you choose a quality instrument that will last your child many years.  Because string instruments come in different sizes, (as do children) it is recommended that families rent an instrument until the child has grown into a full size instrument.  Instruments that are not natural in color will NOT be allowed in the Orlando HomeSchool Orchestra.  If you have any questions on obtaining a string instrument for your child, please contact Mrs. Sell.

These dealers are not the only stores suggested.  This is not an entire list and any music store not listed or listed can be used. The Orlando Homeschool String Orchestra does not favor use of one store over the other. If you are taking Piano lessons, students must have a keyboard or piano at home for practice use.

Muni Strings

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