Reviews and Testimonials

Joanna Sell was my orchestra teacher throughout my middle school career. I joined her class with very little experience in playing my instrument. Mrs. Sell laid down the foundation for my musical career, allowing me to pursue not only high school orchestra classes, but performances in the high school theater pit orchestra, and accompanying Yo-Yo Ma as part of a youth orchestra as well. She creates a classroom atmosphere that is inviting and warm, instilling a passion to succeed in music for all. I would trust Mrs. Sell to teach orchestra to any level player, as she is beyond qualified and dedicated to her students. I couldn’t thank her enough for teaching me what I know.

-Isabella Martinez

I was a student of Mrs. Sell’s for two years and I found her to be encouraging, understanding and patient as a teacher. She ran a well-organized classroom and stayed on task-I learned something new and exciting about music every day! She is very easy to talk to and created bonds with her students. Daily, doors were opened to the music world which inspired me to become a violinist for life.  Mrs. Sell is my all-time favorite teacher and has taught me to hold myself to high standards of workmanship. I would highly recommend her to be your teacher!

-Olivia Lee

Mrs. Sell is one of the best teachers I have ever met. She is there for you and your improvement, both as a musician and human being. She is honest, fair, a great instructor and fun.

– Emilie Olsson

Joanna Sell was not only amazing with teaching my daughter how to play, she’s also impressive with how well she communicates with kids. She really connected with my daughter, was patient, and pushed her to grow in excellence. We love her!

-Christie Wall